Night Jobbed

Night JobbedCannot be here TONIGHT! … Stuck teaching fucking irregular verbs! … My girl — a captain — playing in the final!!

Then it hits me, the most regular of verbs: Pull.  Pull … the … fire alarm.  Yes, it’s irresponsible, I’m a parent, and blah-blah-blah.  But it’s night school and hardly anybody’s here!  And these things routinely go off and there’s never any harm done.  Plus, I’m part-time, ridiculously underpaid, and is it my fault there’s no budget for a sub?


Result?  6-5 loss.  Our all-county pitcher?  Unhinges early on rattled that her dad’s late.  His night job?  Volunteer firefighter.

D.G. Lott is an associate editor at Potomac Review with a handful of publications to his credit.


Photo credit: Sherman Geronimo-Tan

2 Responses to “Night Jobbed”

  1. Ha! Narrator’s colloquial voice is great.

  2. Tony Press says:

    Fun story.

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