Note to a Ghost

Note to a ghostAfter you died I wandered the nearby field. Twilight. Your cat ran up to me with a bird’s heart in its mouth. I wanted to make something more out of that than what it was. You know what it was. The way you knew to let out your first cry: how you were there and not, how it’s a witness who hears and translates your feelings expressed in the tone. It’s only natural, as in leaves abandoning the trees to fall at your feet, as is the bleeding red moon this night, scientifically explicable. Beast, bird, botany, being, all knowable.


Peg Alford Pursell is the author of the forthcoming book of stories, Show Her a Flower, a Bird, a Shadow (ELJ Publications), and curator of Why There Are Words Reading Series in Sausalito. For more see her website.
Photographer: Aurélia Lemonnier


3 Responses to “Note to a Ghost”

  1. Ashe says:

    Everything I’ve wanted to write that encompasses a haunting atmosphere and poetic feeling. Love this.

  2. Haunting, evocative, beautiful.

  3. Jon Sindell says:

    This is so good. I’ve read it three times and I’m going back for more.

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