Old Men

Old MenIn the middle of the afternoon, old men lose their gravity, floating off sidewalks. Some bump their heads against tree trunks. Some collide with birds, who resent intruders in their air space. Some old men get their filaments of hair tangled in branches while others wisely latch onto clouds and kick their way through the atmosphere. Some old men turn over and over in space, their wallets and keys dropping from their pockets. And others shoot up like hot air balloons. But on the ground, two old men clutch fire hydrants as if they were lovers and won’t let go.



Jeff Friedman’s sixth book of poems, Pretenders, was published by Carnegie Mellon University Press in February 2014. Dzvinia Orlowski’s and his translations of Polish poet Mieczyslaw Jastrun’s collection Memorials was recently published by Dialogos.


Photo credit: James Collins

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  1. Jan says:

    Jeff: This is beautifully written with a poignant message.

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