Old Station Platform

I’m running for the train, along the riverside. The river Wear brings happy memories but I don’t have time for them now. I am on my way to see my boyfriend, in his new home where I will live with him. It’ll be perfect, an idyllic life free from my torturous troubles. I run across the busy main road, not stopping or looking. I can’t miss it, I tell myself. I need to depart now! I run through the railway museum and hurdle the barrier onto the old platform. Here comes the train, I take a deep breath. And jump.


Cal Sherlock completed a degree in Magazine Journalism in 2011. Since leaving university, he has made the decision to move away from journalistic writing and into the creative realm. ‘The Old Station Platform’ is his first piece of flash fiction and his first published story.

Photo credit: Michele Aquila

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