Photo Story: On the Bubble

6523673793_41095c1aec_bLight bends at the edges. See how the trees form green parentheses around our childhood. We made gum wrappers into zigzag chains and chased the ice cream truck for Klondike Bars. Headaches from eating them too fast were worth the price of admission. We’d race to the other end of our subdivision, cutting across everyone’s backyard, to buy more. You were always faster. I was better at excuses like why we used Mrs. Roger’s living room curtains for togas and how they got soaked. We’d have other skits to determine the prettiest, the smartest, the thinnest, and who’d die first.


Cherie Hunter Day lives midway between San Francisco and San Jose. Her prose pieces have appeared in Mid-American Review, Moon City Review, Quarter After Eight, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Wigleaf.

Photo credit: Alysha Koby

5 Responses to “Photo Story: On the Bubble”

  1. Arin Siriamonthep says:

    The Alternative Side

    One snapshot caused everything to change. Trees started to bend around me like i was being closed in by the world. The house even started to curve behind me as if it was meant to fit inside some sort of object. It was then I realized watching myself outside the barrier that i was not in the real world. I stared as my body dropped dead to the ground hearing cloudy sounds of screams and cries in the distance. I didn’t know what do. It felt as if I was in such immediate shock that my body couldn’t even budge.

  2. Ashis Kumar says:

    Ashis K.

    There was the innocent glass. Randomly a gunshot was fired. Its sound echoed for miles. It glided through the air. Heading straight for the glass. This was a windshield of a small ordinary car. The entire car shook with fear as the bullet made contact with the windshield. However, this glass sturdy and layered. The entire glass did not break. Only part of it shattered. There a perfect hole right where the bullet went through. The glass had many different pieces that were cracked. The vehicle sitting there. With a destroyed windshield. The car will never be the same.

  3. What a precious little story! Beautiful!

  4. Elaine McKay says:

    Such good writing! Love it.

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