Photo Story: On the Last Day

2195345656_0222f6e676_oThis story won our photo prompt contest for May 2016.

On the last day, we will open our door, step into the still air of uncreation, and watch the sky unfurl. We will walk down to Henrietta’s Diner like every day before, order the same bagels, the same coffee, open our laptops, and watch all our writings unwrite themselves. Our history spelled out in caramel steam, our destruction written in cinnamon swirls. Out the window, atop the hill we have made our home, our house will stand white, constant; its backing sky will turn to first paper, then code, the universe retracting into the potential light that started it all.



Colin Lubner is a senior at Villanova University, where he studies English and Mathematics in the time left over from his writing.

Photo credit: Matt Callow

3 Responses to “Photo Story: On the Last Day”

  1. Eva says:

    This was incredible. Well done.

  2. Eileen McIntyre says:

    Hi Colin,

    Amazing. Creative. Haunting.


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