One Man’s Patriot

artist?Her trip to England didn’t go well. As her return ship scudded past the Statue of Liberty, the baby sloshed in her belly.

He was a toothsome Brit with an interest in Anglo-American relations. Before she encountered his Expeditionary Force they had a drunken discussion about George Washington. She recalled his rude comment in Received Pronunciation, “I suppose one man’s patriot is another man’s traitor.”

By morning the father of her country was gone. She waited for his return but was as disappointed as John Adams awaiting adulation. So she made her way to the ship and the voyage home.


Ned Randle’s novel Baxter’s Friends was released June 1, 2013 by Coffeetown Press, Seattle. His short story “Wild Bill” appeared in red earth review, July 2014.  “The Boston Tar Baby” was published by Prism Review, Spring 2013, and “The Amazing Doctor Jones” appeared in Cigale Literary Magazine, Summer  2012.

Photo credit: Roey Ahram

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