One of Those Things

one of those things IIShe remembered the nearby precipice, the brambles needling through the red plaid blanket — a thin bedspread really — all-purpose in their car. She remembered begging him: pull over here, please — her body pulsing with a desire almost like pain — no one will see us. She remembered the release among barren pines, the ocean roaring below, the day coming into clear focus afterward, a California coast. Thirty years later they’d survived, as had the plaid spread, tucked into whatever car, now serving as a cradle for a potluck casserole, a bench pad at an outdoor concert. It came in handy, she remembered.


Jackie Davis Martin was named the winner of the Southeast Writers Regimen (November, 2015) and in Spring 2015 won first place in New Millennium Writings for a short story. Her stories have been included in such journals as Flash, Flashquake, Fractured West, as well as several current anthologies.

Photo credit: Paulo Valdivieso


2 Responses to “One of Those Things”

  1. Pamela Painter says:

    Lovely story. Wonderful how the detail of the blanket moves through the years of their relationship. And, because they are together, it is still of use.

  2. Bill Petersen says:

    Excellent, Jackie!

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