Open Roads

He ran knuckles along the Formica like a traveling music man practicing invisible scales. From behind the counter she slapped down an insurance form. You reserved a sub-compact but we have larger cars on the lot, she said. I usually rent a small one — I’m not going far, he replied. She kept looking, as this was no answer. So he asked, do you have a convertible, something flashy? But in truth he wanted any car so long as he could eat in it messily. Maybe stain the seat with ketchup from a drive-thru burger. Freedom isn’t driving. It’s renting.

Ilan Greenberg is the co-creator of the popular Korean soap opera 나의 어머니는 수프를 요리한다. He lives in New York City with his girlfriend, Justice, and with his other girlfriend, Vengeance.

Photo credit: The Consumerist

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  1. Cruelty Kim says:

    Nice story Ilan, great imagery. Say hi to my sisters.

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