Over Easy

Image of two eggs, sunny side up.“You go first, I’m still deciding,” I said as the waitress shifted her gaze, working her way around the table. I scan the menu, unable to quiet the buzzing in my head long enough to make sense of the words. I settle on the pictures instead, shiny and a little sticky from decisions others had been able to make. Why was this so fucking hard? It’s just breakfast after all. “You ready now, hon?”

What does one order the morning before a mastectomy? “I’ll take two eggs, sunny side up,” I hear myself say. One just doesn’t seem like enough.

Erin Dzida is a technical writer from the Los Angeles area. She is a wife, mother of two, and loyal servant to two chocolate Labradors.

Photo Credit: Rosie Tulips


14 Responses to “Over Easy”

  1. Chissteve Cheller says:

    wow.. this story really made me emotional. The words were so emotional that my heart dropped, I almost couldn’t read the rest but I pushed through. The ending was such a surprise and I cried.

  2. Lilian Adeshina says:

    Feels as if I’m there with you. I hope you enjoyed the two eggs , one could not have been enough

    • Rawr says:

      I feel as if the decision for two eggs was unnecessary and I believed that the single egg, in fact, could have been sufficient.

    • Desiree Leader says:

      Wow! All that in 100 words. I love the phrase “one just doesn’t seem like enough”, clearly her feelings about her upcoming surgery. Such a great piece of writing!

  3. Snowflakes says:

    Excellent and hit hard!

  4. Tanya says:

    Beautiful story but can someone explain to me the idea of the final sentences? I can’t really get the meaning,… sorry, friends, English us not my native language

  5. Lynn Gahman says:

    A gut punch. I loved it!

  6. Lorraine Rose says:

    Your line with the question: “what does one order ….” jolted my body with emotion. Genius!

  7. J. Alexander says:

    This hits hard; excellent work.

  8. Tony Press says:

    Didn’t see that coming — good one.

  9. Wow, this is what stories of this length are all about — so powerful. Bravo.

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