Pecking Order

Photo of a round rooster.Our food, untouched and cold, sat forbidden until he had finished his. Tears only brought his fist slamming against the table, upending our dishes, twisting our stomachs into painful knots. Mother cowered at the stove, a fresh shade of purple blooming around her eye.

As we grew, feathers started sprouting from his pores. The larger we got, the faster they appeared until no matter how furiously he plucked at them, he could no longer hide who he was. His crowing beget our laughter. When he’d grown fat and slow, we cut off his head and roasted
him for Sunday supper.

Jayne Martin’s collection of microfiction, Tender Cuts, is available now from Vine Leaves Press. Visit to learn more. Follow her on Twitter @Jayne_Martin.

Photo Credit: Nick Thompson

6 Responses to “Pecking Order”

  1. You say so much in so few words. Incredible!

  2. What an amazing title.

  3. Tracy Corn says:

    Come on Jayne, you just keep growing in the writing department. You make me proud”, & I hope you are
    patting yourself on the back! Brilliant as usual, perhaps a tad more creepy? I had to read twice! Known you since knee high to a grasshopper, keep it kiddo

  4. Gay Degani says:

    Outstanding. Chilling story.

  5. Gay Degani says:

    Scary dad! Glad he didn’t win the day! Congrats Jayne

  6. Oh, this is one cluckin good story!

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