Photo Prompt: An Inherited Condition

Photo Prompt

Photo Credit: Adriana Oyarzun

Hana shouts in her native Korean, “Foul Pig is waddling in for her manicure.”

Venetian Spa on Broadway, far Off Broadway in Ocala, is operated by Hana and three sisters.

“Jae’s first customer. How are you on hooves, little sister?” they cackle.

The teenager enters the family business, inheriting her retired mother’s chair. Foul Pig nestles her large body there.

Hana: “Remove the nicotine and the finger!”

Eun: “Mother slopped Foul Pig weekly.”

Jae tirelessly buffs, files, massages Foul Pig’s hand reverently. Two coats dry, she holds Foul Pig’s hand aloft. Jae declares in polished English, “Beauty, in Mother’s honor.”

Eric Skinner

6 Responses to “Photo Prompt: An Inherited Condition”

  1. Nadia S says:

    Coming home and seeing my uncle smoking and coughing. I told to quit due to his asthma attacks but he refuses. He says smoking makes him happy and less abusive. I don’t care about your happiness all I care is about your health. 2 days later someone help me. I can’t breathe. At the emergency room oxygen mask on. I have bad news your uncle has lung cancer. Perfect health but cancer and how? I ran up to the doctor and told me my uncle is addicted to smoking and will kill for a cigarette 24/7. 10 years later I realized my uncle was divorced with a foster child that he kept a secret for 10 years.

  2. Dan Campbell says:

    Hi Eric

    I have enjoyed your writing and could I feature you as a Guest Writer on my blog and include the link to this story, your website, etc.?

    Dan Campbell

    • Eric Skinner says:

      Dan, I would be honored to be included in your blog and look forward to delving into the writing there. Peace, Eric

  3. jeffswitt says:

    Eric – told ya it was good! Jeff

  4. Krystyna Fedosejevs says:

    Hi Eric,
    What an amazing plot! Quite enjoyable. Best of the lot.


    • Eric Skinner says:

      Krys, you continue to entertain and challenge me. You are a poet, with a rich command of imagery. It is an honor to write with you.

      You are very kind to comment. Eric

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