Photo Prompt: The Things Left Behind

For the second straight month, we’ve chosen Andrea Daniels’ story as the winner of the monthly photo prompt. At this stage, we invite Ms. Daniels to submit some of her fine pieces into the larger mix of submissions. She’s got a knack for this genre.

Milo was worried about his bean plant. His mother packed him and his sister into the car last night. After a few hours she turned off the highway. He watched as she took a thick envelope from her bag and passed it to a man covered in a paste of dust and sweat. Then, the horror of the room, too small for the three of them. That it had a window seemed like the architect’s idea of a joke. He should have brought his plant, but the jar, lined with paper towel, remained on the ledge in Miss Ortega’s room.

Andrea Daniels reads more than she writes. Laments her dwindling attention span. Hugs strangers. Cycled from British Columbia to Texas. Thinks more people should wear candy necklaces. Takes part in NaNoWriMo. Her other hobbies include: typos on resumes, clumpy soups, and lengthy bank lines. Follow her on Twitter: @yoyo_banana

Photo Credit: Jessica Eve Rattner

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