Photo Prompt: The Woman by the Water

The day after I buried him, I pledged to give all I owned to the nothingness which took away my future. I step out of my shoes and walk with naked soles on the pavement. Anything can attack me: bits of broken glass, rusty nails. I’ll take whatever comes with my very body. My baby is dead and I am alone as I should be for letting him die. I am at home living on the street, being a street smell myself. The way people stare at me then walk the other way makes my day. Nothing can’t hurt me.


Bobbi Lurie is the author of three poetry collections: Grief Suite, The Book I Never Read, and Letter from the Lawn. Her work has appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Gulf Coast, New American Writing, Big Bridge, Otoliths, and The American Poetry Review. Dancing Girl Press will be publishing her chapbook, “to be let in the back porch,” in 2012.

Photo Credit: un arc en ciel dans le lavabo

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