Photo Prompt: The Woman in Waiting

June Photo Prompt

Photo Credit: Rosey Lakos


This month’s beguiling photo inspired many great stories. We’ve selected three of our favorites to share.

She waits alone, as she had waited every weekday morning for that familiar sound.

“Is it?”

Instinctively rotating her head toward the back door, smoothing her flawless silken dress and crushing her brunette curls with shaking hands.

“Lipstick! Damn, too late.”

Darting toward the pantry door, Ruth hears the quickening steps as he ascends the white stairs, the thud of the carrier on the landing, the intimate sound of bottles being placed with deft strong hand into the tin recess, the shadow of his broad starched white shirted form through the half-windowed door.

Open the door today, Ruth, open it!!

—Cynthia Davis

The lies. To protect family honour, father would have said. He didn’t see me sitting by our mulberry bush, hugging its trunk to feel it breathe. Hardly was he home. Didn’t stop him from deciding with mother what my fate should be.

I was taken to a building, void of emotion. Like the staff, worming senselessly through its corridors. I often sat alone, tears jetting into streams. Nuns had me repeat empty prayers.

I saw your face only once, my daughter. After you were born. Before I returned home. My parents spread their news: my mental condition had been cured.

—Krystyna Fedosejevs

She snaps equations at them over breakfast and tests them on historical events during dinner, clicking her tongue when they fail.

They wrap their minds round polysyllabic words whilst peeling potatoes or washing plates, hoping the single letters their mouths produce will assemble themselves into what she has asked them to spell.

Hot-housed in a cold house, the elder girl, is pained by perfection. Silent rebellion corrupts the air as she buries minuscule pieces of faeces here and there.

The smell hints at her mother’s nostrils, and she sniffs at the plant pots on her way up the stairs.

—E. McKay

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  1. jeffswitt says:

    Congratulations to the authors of the 3 stories. I recall them being 3 of my faves, the one by E. McKay the top of the list.

    Jeff Switt

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