Photo Story: A Lonely Washing

“It’s a lonely washing that has no man’s shirt in it, Eileen, don’t you forget it.” That’s what my mother, quoting her mother, told me, and told me, and told me, as we moved from Tenafly to Teaneck to Trenton, and continued after I turned twelve and we went west, landing in four towns in eastern Pennsylvania, before finding a real home in Harrisburg. Harrisburg: high school, hickeys, and handsome Henry.

But now I am thirty and settled, loving and loved, in Brooklyn, across the bridge from Jersey. We do our laundry, Lorena and I, and laugh about that line.

Tony Press is fortunate. He’d be thrilled if you purchased his story collection, Crossing the Lines (Big Table), from an indy bookstore. Or even from that other place.

14 Responses to “Photo Story: A Lonely Washing”

  1. Omg, what a fantastic ending to this tightly packed laundry load of a story. LOVED it, Tony!!!! Dripping with your wily humor.

  2. Cindy Patrick says:

    I love this. I laugh about the last line, as well.

  3. una hughes says:

    Love it .I’m Irish and thought you were too as that comment sounds like what an Irish woman might say.

  4. Tony Press says:

    My, I’ve just peeked (see what I did there, Paul Beckman?) at all of these kind comments. Thank you, all.

  5. Jennifer Bousquet says:

    Love it.

  6. Martin McCaw says:

    A hundred-word beauty of a story. I just now phoned my Indie bookstore and ordered Crossing the Lines.

  7. Paul Beckman says:

    Tony, Congrats, this gem flowed beautifully and believably.

  8. Ron Oremland says:

    Very nice.

    Alas, there is no “bridge” that spans between Brooklyn, where I grew up, and New Jersey. The stately Verrazano spans The Narrows and empties into Staten Island, while 3 others go over the East River to Manhattan, the Gil Hodges (aka: Marine Parkway) spans Jamaica Bay to Rockaway (Queens), or the Koscuiszko over Newtown Creek (Queens).

    But very nice piece, nonetheless. Just don’t ask Tony for driving directions around NYC. 🙂

    • Tony Press says:

      As Chief Broom once said: “But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen.” And agreed, do NOT ask me for NYC area assistance!

  9. Karunadevi says:

    A wonderful little story. One of your best 100 words ones. I found myself reading it over and over and imagining the life of the character. Amazing snapshot.

  10. Mary Ellen Gambutti says:

    Love this little gem! Special to me, too, because of towns I know in NJ and PA. Love the image, as well. Very nice.

  11. Love the movement of this and the T words that thrum through it! Beauteous! Congratulations, Tony!

  12. Jayne Martin says:

    This is absolute perfection! I couldn’t love it more. Congratulations,Tony

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