Photo Story: By the Tracks

IMGP8466A bookish fellow, he studied God on weekdays, then made his way to Chaska to woo the schoolmarm there. Mercifully patient, he waited six months of Sundays for an answer
to his question. Instead, they wandered the cold town discussing anything else, turning back before it was too late or too dark.

They parted ways then, she to pore over lesson plans, he to wend his way to the boarding house beside the tracks. He wondered, hardly daring to sleep, while freight trains thundered through the wee hours, through his thoughts, shaking the tiny strange bed.

At long last: Yes.

Beret Olsen lives, writes, and teaches photography in the Bay Area. Current projects include Bad Parenting 101, and LobeStir, an educational blog.

Photo credit: Patrick Williams

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