Photo Story: Cutting Lines

6890681411_6f8e3b0b6d_bIt was her father’s favorite station: polished marble, vaulted ceiling, windows straight from a mansion house. Just like the best library he ever went to, but never had time for until the end. By then he was too ill to go out.

He’d watched her figure skating, though; drove her without complaint, 5 a.m. prompt every Saturday, and evenings besides.

The marble in the station looks flowered underfoot like outdoor ice. She puts on her skates. She’ll carve him there. One glide at a time, controlled flight. Let him linger. Cut the lines deep enough that they’ll never buff them away.


Kathryn Pallant is a writer and PhD candidate. Her poems are in Cake and Antiphon, and her novel, For Sea or Air, is represented by Lucas Alexander Whitley.

Photo credit: Rex Boggs

3 Responses to “Photo Story: Cutting Lines”

  1. Letina Kelly says:

    Such beauty in your writing and it tugs on the heart strings like patient fingers crafting a song.

  2. jeffswitt says:

    Superb writing. Good choice

  3. Tony Press says:

    Beautiful — and those final four sentences are even better than that.

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