Photo Story: From Here to Dallas

photo prompt April 2016In the beginning the city stopped, now it moved too fast. He was taking that job in California. “I love you this much,” he said, holding his hands out like the length of a textbook. She was expecting more, maybe a baguette. The restaurant was empty and she didn’t understand why he picked this one. He ordered black coffee and she asked for French bread. “We have Texas Toast,” the waitress said. The restaurant was southern themed although they were in New York. “What does a lot of love look like?” she asked, and he said, “From here to Dallas.”


Nicholas Cook’s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in A Quiet Courage, The Miscreant, New Flash Fiction Review, Camroc Press Review, and New World Writing. He lives in Texas.

Photo credit: peace6x

3 Responses to “Photo Story: From Here to Dallas”

  1. I loved everything about this story; can’t believe how much emotion you packed into 100 words.

  2. Eric says:

    Wanting a baguette of love, and getting only a textbook…

  3. David James says:

    NIcholas, this is a great story that fits so well within the 100 word story discipline.

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