Photo Story: Her World

A 360-degree photo of a town neighborhood.My girl and I used to spend hours every Saturday evening strolling our way around the cul-de-sac; her on her Ariel-red trike, and me walking beside. She waved hello to every house, not caring if there were people inside.

“There’s no one there, honey.”

“There might be. They might just keep the lights off.”

My girl never knew the world beyond her neighborhood. Harris Mitchell got wasted off of Bud Lights and made sure of that. Her wheels were still spinning by the time I got there. Her silver streamers stuck in the mud.

I keep the lights off, nowadays.


Julia Labusch is a queer actor and playwright from NYC, studying musical theatre and creative writing. Their work can be found at

Photo credit: Mark Seton

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  1. Caroline McCarthy says:

    This is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

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