Photo Story: I am …

18023374_9de09c2bcb_oI am the cold shiver in the warm bath, the sour bite of the cherry, the wedge of food in your windpipe. I am half past home time for the kids you trusted to the swing park. I am the rise in your stomach as you take the blind bend on the brink of too late. I am the late night call that pierces your sleep. I am the counterfeit shadow lurking in the garden before your eyes take on its truthful shape. I am the knowledge you try burying. I am the sterile stench of mortality at hospital doors.






Elaine McKay lives in Scotland with her husband and four young children. Recently, she has had stories published in Flash Dogs, Solstice: Light, Flash Dogs, Solstice: Dark, and Schooldays, an anthology by Paper Swans Press.

Photo credit: Duane Romanell

9 Responses to “Photo Story: I am …”

  1. wk says:

    sterile stench of mortality, amazing

  2. This is so powerful.

  3. Sandy says:

    Just beautiful. 🙂 I really felt that at the end. The “wedge of food in your windpipe” is so visceral!

  4. Elaine McKay says:

    Thank you so much. That is so good to hear and much appreciated.

  5. diane knight says:

    Beautifully written, stands out from many other flash fiction stories I have read.I have mulled over each image you have chosen so carefully and enjoyed each word. Thank you.

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