Photo Story: Mermaids

Image of chairs in a pool.Peanut smoked every bit of meth that night in the hotel. Her sister loaned her money. Not exactly. A check for rehab, far from drugs and close to trees. The maid was a guy. He said he’d come back later, but she didn’t mind. They talked as he emptied the trash, swapped the glasses in the bathroom. He knocked at 5 a.m. with coffees from the deli. His pass key got them on the roof. The sun scraped itself off the ground and found its way to the sky. Neither mentioned the chairs in the pool, mermaids below the surface.



Andrea Daniels changes cities like underwear and reads more than she writes. She was once stuck in an elevator for two days with Geoffrey Chaucer.

Photographer: Timo Kozlowski

2 Responses to “Photo Story: Mermaids”

  1. Wonderful story. “Scraped itself off the ground.” I’ve never heard dawn described like that.
    Like a good FF story, this says more, much more, with less.

  2. Karen Walker says:


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