Photo Story: My Father’s X-ray

A panoramic dental x-ray.Even with his memory gone, his teeth continue, and I take my father to the dentist because food must be chewed, and the father he was would never use a feeding tube. He was tall and strong and muscles, but now he is a broken bird on the dentist chair. The x-ray on the computer screen shows the shadows of teeth that match the rest of his eerie white bones. From here, it looks like the rest of the skeleton that lives inside him, skin stripped away. Not so much an x-ray, but a photo of what is to come.


Francine Witte’s latest collection of flash fiction is RADIO WATER from Roadside Press. She lived in NYC . You can visit her website at

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  1. Excellent. It really captures the feeling of watching a parent decline, and the equally fraught feeling that this is our fate, too.

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