Photo Story: On Autoimmune Disease

Image of a computer screen and lots of Slim Fast, RockStar energy drink cans, pills and 5-hour energy.I read a quote that an overweight woman’s shirt said Guess, and Arnold Schwartzenegger answered, thyroid problem, and I think of this when I pop a Levothyroxine, see my figure getting rounder, my once flat belly needing taming, a tuck into jeans buttoned up high, and I wonder how his bulky muscles look now, and is he popping steroids, slamming Monsters; is he choking down diet pills with Slim Fast, skin flaps hanging, and is he wishing his body would be some version of itself he recognizes, if it will keep waging a battle he’s just too weak to fight.



Lauren Voeltz is a writer based in Minnesota, who sometimes rants about celebrities. (Though not that often.) You can find her @mattnwife. Her previous work is in trampset, Lumiere Review, and other amazing places.

Photo Credit: Christina Xu

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  1. Akemi Lee says:

    Good one Arnie

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