Photo Story: School Fair

close up of an aquarium fishNina’s four, I’m seven. At the penny-toss Nina wins a goldfish with silvery fins—everyone cheers. I toss all my pennies, win nothing. When it’s time to leave I refuse. Everyone scolds—too old for tantrums. Dad buys a fish, so I’ll get in the goddamn car. I name her Goldie—unlike Nina’s, mine’s all gold. Name yours Silvia, I say.

Silvia’s fast—finishes everything before lumbering Goldie. Even my fish is a loser. One morning though, Silvia’s gone, nothing left but a silvery fin.

Goldie bumps her nose on the glass—I got you girl, she says.


Katherine Hubbard’s stories appeared in One Story, Glimmer Train, and Blackbird, among others. She teaches writing at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Find her at

Photographer: Benson Kua

3 Responses to “Photo Story: School Fair”

  1. Kirsten Love says:

    Love this!

  2. Pete Rathburn says:

    This is awesome!

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