Photo Story: The Break

I thought I was the right girl, the one who could scramble up after a fall and carry us both through the rough patch. Wasn’t it enough to handle something brittle with care? Actually, you can stumble anyways, and when he brushed it off, I learned how hard it is to stand up on your own. Now they’ve said maybe two months to heal, depending on the break, but it must be a bad break because I haven’t heard from him since. Don’t put too much weight on it, they cautioned, as if there was still something to lean on.


Cynthia Day is an amateur from Silicon Valley who writes software and wants to do more.


Photo credit: Kristin Ausk



4 Responses to “Photo Story: The Break”

  1. Lisa Hewitt says:

    This is lovely, touching. Nice work!

  2. Eileen McIntyre says:


    Loved your story…heartbreaking words “as if there was still something to lean on.”

  3. The News says:

    The man waited anxiously in the doctor’s office, he grew extremely nervous as his hands started to shake. The man was in unbearable pain, he did his best to hold back the urge to yelp out in pain. He could not find a comfortable spot to lay down The man was dressed in mud-covered football gear as he had been rushed straight from the football field. His doctor walked in a file of x-rays in hand, a frown came across the face of the doctor. He sat down and spoke softly to the scared man.

  4. JJ says:

    Love this! Had to read it twice but that was part of the fun with this story!

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