Photo Story: The Cakes She Promised to Bake

Image of eggs in a carton, with one broken open.Marjorie hadn’t noticed that one of the eggs was broken until she arrived home. Once, she had been the kind of person to check before purchasing. Quality control. But this morning, a spam call had woken her up, her laptop had informed her that it didn’t have enough memory for the necessary update, her doctor’s office phone wouldn’t connect her with a human, and record heat was coming. She stood in her kitchen and watched a stranger whose hand looked like hers let each egg drop into the sink and crack open. All that beautiful yellow dribbling down the drain.

Mary Amato writes fiction, creates shadow-puppet videos, sings, and plays the ukulele. One day she’ll try to do everything she loves at the same time.

Photo credit: Lauren K

2 Responses to “Photo Story: The Cakes She Promised to Bake”

  1. John McCormick says:

    Sometimes when battling starlings in my chicken coop I forget about the eggs in my pocket I was trying to collect! They make me so angry!

  2. Beth Schmelzer says:

    Perfect story, Mary Amato.

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