Photo Story: The Candy Store Thinks She’s an Ocean

Image from a candy shop.She’d glimpsed scenes from a documentary on a girl’s mobile screen.

Now her syrupy exhalations smell brackish. Children bob and dart along her aisles, scoop sherbet sand into wide-mouthed bags, dive for sugar-shelled treasure. Teenage couples tread water, neon-tanned and liquorice-lipped. Fresh shoals flow into her daily: jelly fish, fizzy sharks, sour dolphins. Her shelves shimmer with toffee-brittle yellows, jawbreaker blues, coral-cane pinks.

She laps them up. These proofs of her ocean persona.

But the clincher is the plastic. Rip-crackle wrappers, bloated pinch-pull packets, hollow spheres choking the gumball machine. All the parts of her that should never be swallowed.

Linda Grierson-Irish lives in Shropshire UK. You can find links to some of her stories on her website.

Photographer: Maria Alana

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  1. This story helpfull for english learning.

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