Photo Story: The Great Candled Ball

photo prompt 9-15 isaac bowenThe world turns and the effigies we build to venerate ourselves rot to the ground, and we breathe a small entropic sigh, and we wring our filthy little mitts and say, “Higher this time, grander, big and bigger.” Time encroaches, all turns to dust, Ozymandias; us. We laugh and say, “We can beat it, we can beat the end back, we can fight nature, we can kill the godhead.” And the great mother rock we live on turns silently in its void, scraping our monoliths against cosmic dust, burning them as they protrude freakishly past the edge of firmament; like candles.


Marshall Singleton is a full-time student at East Carolina University. When he isn’t doing that he’s either at work or writing something to be placed in Google drive and then forgotten.

Photo credit: Isaac Bowen

3 Responses to “Photo Story: The Great Candled Ball

  1. Feezor says:

    Take the reader right to the point. We all think too much of our little time on this spot of earth. Great work Marshall Singleton.

  2. Mueleski says:

    Took me a couple reads to realize how good this really is.

  3. Teresa says:

    This was such an extremely intelligent short story! Wow! I was so impressed! Great job! I hope to hear more from Marshall!!

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