Photo Story: The Locker

15115194569_f1a5846d29_zWe rent locker space the way our parents rent houses. They are our sliver of space in this public world, a place to store, to fill, to hide. The others keep sports bags in theirs, heavy books, secret notes, but mine is always empty, a rectangle of suspended air that no one else can breathe.

Today that changes.

It’s only small but I can picture the day they find it—the look on the teacher’s face, my mother’s tears, the student testimonies. They will ask me why I did it but I don’t know. Maybe it was something he said.

Photo Credit: Karl Villanueva

6 Responses to “Photo Story: The Locker”

  1. Emy Perez says:


    Empty and alone surrounded by hundreds of people and still she goes unnoticed like a locker. She stands still in a roving school. Bella they call her but they don’t know her. Waiting for the day she makes a friend after 6 months. Angry with her dad for making her move for the marines.

    What to do in when your alone and lost in a brand new place?

    Morning comes it’s time for torture that she calls school, she walks in and spots a new face. Deciding to make someone not feel alone, making a new friend.

    Finally open.

  2. Tony says:

    Excellent! This one I get.

  3. Person says:

    What is this about?

  4. eden g says:

    the fact that time was ticking, fast. I was so close to reaching the end of an error. the start of something new. I needed to get into it, and fast. if this was shown to the school on parade on Thursday afternoon, my life would be over, over before I even started. I look left, right, checking to make sure its safe. I needed to do this. I rushed over to the locker, the death of doom. I picked the lock in panic with a bobby pin I had found earlier behind the shed. my plan was in place. it was now or never…

  5. Zara says:

    So spongebob meets Sheldon cooper. Sheldon and spongebob go to the land of science, facts and trains. They live happily ever after and discuss their obssessions with trains.

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