Photo Story: The Meteorologists

photo prompt june 2015Laying on the hood of her old Volvo, we scanned the sky, looking for the meteor shower the weatherman had promised—”he must know, he’s a meteorologist”—our conversation continually broken by exclamations of “there’s one,” then pointless pointing as the other tried to find the fleeting flash amid the myriad dots of light. We never saw the stars the other saw, focused as we were on our own patch of sky. After a while I just kept my sightings to myself, making each meteor mine while she kept hers secret, too, both pretending the shooting stars had simply stopped.


William Reagan is a copywriter from Portland, Oregon, who enjoys finding the shortest possible path to a poignant truth, even if that means lying. Find out more at

Photo credit: Kris Williams

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  1. karen says:

    lovely! – alive with alliteration.

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