Photo Story: The Mueller Report

He said, she said.

You can’t say that.

He said.


She said.


Duly redacted.

He said.

Not sure now.


That can stand.

How about, “She allegedly said.”

That makes it sounds like it was written by a lawyer.

It WAS written by a lawyer.

He said. She allegedly said.



What if it was anonymized?

He said. An anonymous respondent said?

Well such a comment would have no standing in law. It could be included in the full report but would have to be redacted in the published version.

Next. Page one. Paragraph one. Sentence two.

Rickie Roberts (David Morgans in real life) began writing short stories and the occasional poem around five years ago. He lives in the English Midlands with his dog Jess.

4 Responses to “Photo Story: The Mueller Report”

  1. Lisa H. Owens says:

    LOL! Loved all the anguish over the very first sentence. Political correctness at its finest.

  2. Eileen McIntyre says:

    Love it!

  3. DownTown says:

    Creative writing. I like that you did not politicize the subject & the artistic choppy sentence pattern. Nice work!

  4. Rima El-Boustani says:

    excellent! I love the sarcastic humor and the layout is both strong and appropriate to the style.

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