Photo Story: The Postcard

photo prompt august 2015Contractors discovered the postcard upon pulling out the kitchen cabinetry. It sat for days on a switch box until the drywallers came. Then it rested a while on a palette of Tuscan stone tiles, and, after that, maybe it dropped over a rough sill or was scrapped with the paper wraps of the granite countertops. So the postcard disappeared once more and its story ended again, except that the tiler’s apprentice, a shy teen with an interest in history, posted a picture of it, and, soon after, the willowy grand-niece of one Mrs. Nettie Huelscamp of Empress, Alberta, liked it.


Arleane Ralph is a freelance editor in Ontario. She also has mad skills as a palaeographer, indexer, second alto, and canoeist. She’s a rubbish photographer.
Photo credit: Isaac Bowen

4 Responses to “Photo Story: The Postcard”

  1. Lauren says:

    I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t write this letter and tell yet another woman she is a widow. Too many times I’ve felt this guilt, this awful unsettling guilt. I hated feeling that way. So, instead, I wrote this woman a happy letter. I made up a story. I told her, her husband was alive and well. I pretended he wasn’t able to send her a letter as he was too busy fighting. Little did she know I was being untruthful, and then a new guilt settled upon me. It was the guilt of telling a lie

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  4. Mueleski says:

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