Photo Story: The Trumpeter’s Caress

Jazz barShe waits in the corner, haughty and lacquered. I always sit close, inhaling her delicate scent of beeswax polish. Customers dine here just to be near her. So, despite her missing key, she has never been replaced by extra tables.

Her song was rich and melodic, a husky laugh. I miss it dearly, but she should never have let that trumpeter caress her. His inexpert hand made her laughter shrill, mocking.

Well, nobody’s laughing now. I rub the ivory key in my pocket. Of course, she is too stubborn to ask for it back, as we sit in eternal silence.


Natalie Wu dabbles in writing flash fiction, short stories, poetry and children’s picture books. She especially enjoys writing humorous tales with a dash of the macabre.

3 Responses to “Photo Story: The Trumpeter’s Caress”

  1. Aghareed says:

    Loved it

  2. Emma Corwin says:

    Great story! The language is vibrant with detail, and that ending is brilliant.

  3. Natasha Holmes says:

    Love it – I wish I could hear its song.

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