Photo Story: This is Where We Are, Now

9213317715_f2b214b5ed_zYears after our planes stopped marking white x’s and asterisks across our blue sky (well, years after our sky stopped being blue at all) and years after our graves stopped staying graves and years after our dead came alive and our alive started feeling dead and God was dead and our love was dead and you were dead (to me, dear), long after all this, we fled to this church, and the fires backlit an orange cross into these black doors, and you pulled a gun, and you ended you, and now, dear, now I don’t know what to do.


Colin Lubner is a senior at Villanova University. He has (he thinks) reached critical mass on a novel-in-progress, and this thought both excites and terrifies him.

Photo credit: Freaktography

2 Responses to “Photo Story: This is Where We Are, Now”

  1. Beyond words for the rare beauty.

  2. M.M. Neal says:

    I love this! The imagery and the feeling of darkness and sadness is beautifully in pieced in a way that makes me look at them differently. Good job!

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