Photo Story: Throwing Stones

photo prompt_floating womanThe dark flees from the beams of light like a thousand timid spiders to the surviving shadows. Cursing and wielding a fifth of his sense, Benjamin stumbles out of his father’s running station wagon and kisses the crumbling courtyard, bloodying his lip. Standing with tight curling fingers he fills his fist with stones and throws them inside, stirring only the dust beneath her. With a breaking voice that betrays his bravery, he yells madly with each throw: Devil. Witch. Slut.

The stones thread the empty window frames only to tap the linoleum like a cold despondent drum: Kill. Me. Too.

Connor Walsh is a college student who enjoys writing something not only his mother likes.


Photo CreditDonnie Nunley

5 Responses to “Photo Story: Throwing Stones”

  1. Loulou Bateman says:

    the ‘a fifth of his sense’ and ‘crumbling courtyard’ lines captured me. i’m not easily pleased, so thank you.

  2. lol lol lol says:


  3. Fatima says:

    Fascinating !
    I like the rhythm of the story and the structure of images.
    You deserve winning Connor.

  4. A deserving winner. Thanks for the non-literal interpretation of the photo.

  5. Krystyna Fedosejevs says:

    Congrats, Connor, on an amazing graphic story! You are a master with words.

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