Photo Story: Two Masterpieces about Jello

Image of Jello salads.Everyone makes yum-yum noises as they dole servings onto their plates. Hilda preens. Go on, eat, darlings. But, is that a hair in the perfection salad? That black coiled thing. The party pretends not to notice. I’ve forgotten the cream, she says, hefting it back into the kitchen. She takes a fork and incises a sliver, interloper inside. It splits forgivingly. There, unmistakably hair. Lenore turns the corner, frowning. “Darling, we’re missing the hostess.” She laughs as Hilda puts down the fork sheepishly. “Naughty, were you sneaking bites?” Hilda smiles, gelatin and the hair rolling in her mouth, and swallows.

Victoria Cho thinks in poetry and sings impromptu musicals in the streets, at the retreating back of her loving fiancé. She sings badly but sings on.


Announcing the Winner of the 33rd Annual Gelatin Mold Contest at Pine Lakes Retirement Community

You love your gelatin, don’t you? What a brilliant table. Twenty-three gorgeous entries. That’s right! Applaud your hearts out for all the participants. Here’s what set the winning mold apart. Wiggly yet firm gelatin. Crimson and clear, like stained glass. Everything is uniformly cubed. Flavors bursting! Delectably served in an ice cream sundae dish. Ingenious! Finished with a dollop of sour cream. Heavenly! We wanted more. Didn’t we, judges? That’s right. Clap away folks. Without further delay. I present you the most scrumptious gelatin mold up here! Lovingly made by Alice Hungerpiller. BLISSFUL BERRY BEET! That’s right, on your feet.

Elizabeth Zahn writes from Long Island, NY, and is working on her first novel. Growing up, her mother made gelatin salad for every family celebration.


Photographer: Pond Frog

9 Responses to “Photo Story: Two Masterpieces about Jello”

  1. Irma Christensen says:

    That was a delicious read. I would like to add that in German the word ‘Zahn’ means ‘tooth’, which for me as a German is an additional bonus when reading that story.

  2. Juliette Tran says:

    So delicious, both entries. I want to have the BLISSFUL BERRY BEET please. Who can resist the “Crimson and clear, like stained glass” jelly by Elizabeth Zahn?

  3. Irene Hi says:

    Great writing! Love Elizabeth Zahn’s gelatin Mold contest results – so vivid.

  4. Bonnie H says:

    Love the pacing and imagery in Gelatin Mold Contest Story. Its snappy,game-show worthy patter makes for a really fun read. May never eat any red jello again as I suffer from Beta vulgaris phobia.

  5. Rachel Massey says:

    I may never eat jelly again!

  6. Andrew Jay says:

    New found appreciation for jello in both these great stories. The contest story at retirement community really vivid and humorous – would love to try the blissful berry beet.

    Thanks for sharing – Kudos to Zahn for making me laugh.

  7. John R says:

    Both great reads. Never thought Jell-O could be so interesting. 😬. E. Zahn yours took the cake… or Jell-O.

  8. I get the shakes – like gelatin itself – as I read these winners. What a treat, especially Blissful Berry Beet. I can see my mother making hers in a mold. What a delightful Monday trek down Memory Lane – as good writing does…

  9. Tony Press says:

    Jello is definitely in the house today.
    Thanks for these two delicious treats.

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