Photo Story: Taillights

We’re forty minutes outside of Sacramento when traffic crawls to a stop. Luggage racks, loose clothes, dogs yipping out windows.

“Guess people got the message,” I say.

She’s sobbing behind a pair of sunglasses, tucked beneath the quilt her grandma made for our wedding, an afterthought once all other valuables had been saved.

My laptop. Her iPad. My Curry sneakers and illustrated Lord of the Rings.

“There’s a Pilot ahead. You want coffee?”

She considers, briefly.

“It’ll be a madhouse. Don’t bother.”

Because what she wants is behind us, obscured in smoke and glowing like the sunset on the mountains.

Jimmy Leonard is an English teacher and writer. He has one published novel, The Evangelist in Hell, and another in the works.

7 Responses to “Photo Story: Taillights”

  1. Denise Benoist says:

    Love this story. Bravo!

  2. Michael Neumann says:

    You captured so much in a handful of words. Excellent job, Jimmy!

  3. L.T. Cantrell says:

    Beautiful imagery, Jimmy! Hope to see more work by you in the future.

  4. Wilburson says:

    Great writing – it hints at so much behind and beyond them. I want to know more!

  5. Tony Press says:

    Good one.

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