Photo Story: ‘Ze Crab’

photo prompt 1-16I wonder how Papa felt that first night in America, realizing he could never return to France. Leaving the hostel in Times Square to look up at the sky, comforted by constellations the same over Allençon or Paris, where that country boy caroused, seduced by revolutionary politics, prying up cobblestones, burning cars, and screwing dozens of girls, as he told my 12th grade government class later, fearing not “ze AID” but “only ze crab”, sharing his recipe for Molotov cocktails.

“Your dad is cool,” the popular kids said.

No wonder the only thing he taught me was how to flee.

Isabella David McCaffrey, author of the forthcoming poetry chapbook The Voices of Women, is also an editor-at-large of Easy Street. For more please see

Photo Credit: Stuart Rankin

5 Responses to “Photo Story: ‘Ze Crab’”

  1. yupeng yang says:

    Fairies or stars
    I lay on the ground, look at the sky which is covered by clouds. It looks like sky feels lonely.
    I try to see what is behind those clouds, but the clouds are too much and the sky looks darker.
    Suddenly, some flashy lights begin to shine behind those clouds, I sit up and see, the sky is cleaned. There are lots of golden lights, just like many jewels are put on the sky, but they also look alive , just like fairies fly above the sky, Are they stars or fairies? The clouds cover the sky again before the answer.

  2. Guy says:

    good stuff guy

  3. gab says:

    Nice! I like the imagery you use.

  4. Ryan says:

    incredible voice. Very strong imagery. leaves a very strong sense of pain and disappointment for a role model that never was.

  5. Lfd says:

    Very powerful

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