Post-It Mortem

Image of a sticky note hanging in a window.Life got too complex for Dan. Job. Wife. Kids. Yard. So he bought a block of Post-It notes and found a calmness in the sticky squares he scribbled on, peeled, and stuck.

Like mushrooms popping in the night, the house was soon a mosaic of reminders, tiny throw rugs shouting: “Pay cable,” “Dentist Kids – Weds” and “Oil change – Honda” while the coffee machine announced, “Buy filters.”

You’re a fucking lunatic, said his wife. One more note and we are done. The dog entered, broke the silence between them, the “Walk me” note on his collar vibrating with his happy tail.

Dave Donovan lives on Cape Cod, teaches high school, and writes notes to himself. He has not yet written “Don’t be an ass,” but anything is possible.

Photo Credit: Edwige

7 Responses to “Post-It Mortem”

  1. Beth Nieman says:

    I really like the way you created a mental image of post-in notes all over the house–and then the final image of the dog wearing one!

  2. Gia says:

    love it! Post its are my best friend!

  3. Helen says:

    I loved this story – well done.

  4. Szooho says:

    ironic ending XD

  5. Carrie Kartman says:

    I love this!

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