Property Line

property lineThe ones who used to own Joan’s house kept a toehold just in case, and the son who built there has a bruised-up wife who never looks me in the eye. At school I teach his child, a silent boy who sits alone, draws army guys, planes exploding while I read Great Expectations to his class. When our eyes connect by accident, I remember him beating a stray cat with a stick. I think he knows I know because on second glance, his eyes focus on something happeninginvisible to metwo feet in front of him beside the door.

5 Responses to “Property Line”

  1. Dorothy Magadieu says:

    These few words have a huge impact and, like your perfect title, raise questions galore. A shudder runs through me!

  2. Patty Youngblood says:

    beautifully crafted, as always. thanks for the inspiration; I’m going back to the drawing board.

  3. R. Joyce Heon says:

    Love the intricacies of what is known and not known, the certainties and uncertainties, the rub of them…

  4. Eve Rifkah says:

    I love the dark side of this story, the sliver of life that is all too real.

  5. congratulations Sue! 100 words that pack a big punch… A scene and a moment with intensely felt emotional impact. fantastic. Lisa

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