Scattered Ends

Scattered EndsShe was looking for a new age shop in Covent Garden. I told her to go to The Astrology Shop on Dean Street. It had a good reputation. She stopped in and then rejected it in favor of the psychic around the corner. She was dressed for London in January, hair piled high on her head to keep together in the drizzle. Because of the moisture in the air, heavily sprayed ends free-floated outside their boundaries.

“You have too much going on up there,” the psychic told her.

She thought it was prophetic; stress at home was causing scattered thinking.

Elizabeth Hampton lives in Cincinnati, where she writes short fiction. She has a degree in Psychology from Florida State University. This is her first published story.

Photo credit: Yuriy Acopov


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  1. Karen says:

    Great job Betsy. So excited for you!

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