A zaftig teen peddled her younger sister’s bike awkwardly up Highland Avenue at sunset. The young woman’s body fought the seams of her aqua leotard. Dime-size sequins splashed disco on everything she passed. The effect was that of the Sparkletts water truck in flip-flops. Her body was not hers. The way her clothes fit proved it every day now. Boys were not staring at her but at something that had happened to her like an accident. Reaching Melrose, winded, she turned. Coasting back she felt like a blur. It was as close to disappearing as she could get.


Dane Holweger lives in Los Angeles with his remarkable partner of 15 years, Israel, and their talented and gorgeous 8-year-old twins, Ziggy and Nola. He is a photo stylist by trade and a writer by accident.

Photo credit: Kate Farnady

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  1. Valentine says:

    Beautiful. I once had an experience similar riding to school on dress-up day. On the way it was all up hill – and more like .. I think I can. : )

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