Image of a child looking through a magnifying glass.Nia didn’t mind at first. Being at her kids’ eye-level made life easier. Their odd stories and complaints became miraculously comprehensible. Playing dress-up with them was more fun too. She liked staggering around in her too-big red pumps and Issey Miyake suits, flapping the jacket’s long, empty arms until they fizzed with laughter. But shrinking became less amusing as the kids grew bigger, and she smaller. Some days, she had to stamp her tiny feet on their dinner plates to get noticed. Some days, she had to check her reflection in a teaspoon to make sure she was still there.
Barbara Diggs is an American writer in Paris. Her work has appeared in Spelk, Ellipsis Zine, and Reflex Fiction, among others.
Photo Credit: Derek Bridges


2 Responses to “Shrinking”

  1. K F Lerner says:

    As my teenage daughter would say, “I felt that.”

  2. Michele says:

    Love this piece and the inferences made regarding the change of dynamics between parents, children and self.

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