The sideshow’s latest attraction is Brad, a darkly handsome electrician, and his chocolate poodle Rex. They sleep in a featherbed and snore in perfect rhythm. Last summer Brad’s wife kicked him out because of his snoring and Brad’s grief was so immense it inspired Rex to synchronize his snores. It was only a matter of time before a talent scout heard them through an open window and the show was packed. Sometimes Brad’s ex-wife sneaks in. She trembles with the brilliant thunder of each snore, ignores the rapt, adoring women. I heard this first, she whispers to the popcorn-scented dark.

For more, see our interview with Thaisa Frank. Or explore more of her fiction at

Thaisa Frank‘s short stories have received two PEN awards, and her two previous collections have been on the bestseller list of the San Francisco Chronicle. Her work has been widely translated, and her first novel, Heidegger”s Glasses, was published by Counterpoint in 2010.

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