Sisters in a Hotel Twin Room, 1988

Silhouette of a girl in a window.I’m doing a bum waggle dance at the window. Loosey goosey in powder blue pajamas. See my gone-wrong-Bond-girl silhouette? No other ten year old is this funny.

When Lissa stifles laughs her shoulders shake. She’s in bed with Paolo the poolside perv—but I’m the main attraction.

They kiss, juicily. She grabs his squirming hand.

Below us the band croon about “vunderful vunderful life.” I recognize the song from TOTP.

If I get back in bed, those two will get gross—so it’s onnnnnn with The Shimmy Show.

Paolo will just have to take it elsewhere: his penis, his problem.

Lucy Goldring is based in Bristol, UK. She has been shortlisted by National Flash Fiction Day (twice) and Flash 500 and has various stories online and in print. Follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: police tape, chalk line

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