spark IIIt has always been like this inside the woods: trees subdivide the sky, flowers track the sun, moss and stone make configurations along streambeds drying in summer’s heat. Today there is a fastening and then an unfastening as three girls who play there become something else. Two transform themselves from girls to killers back into girls. They toss knives in the dry river like skipping rocks, shed bloodied clothing like pulling wings off a fly, dance like butterflies in dappled sunlight. They cover one’s body with sticks, with stones, with dried leaves that crackle like tinder in their small fists.


Molly Fuller received her MA from Ohio University and her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. Her prose and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in Union Station Magazine, Potomac, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, MadHat Lit, Quickly, and Hot Metal Bridge. Her flash sequence “Hold Your Breath” is forthcoming in the Marie Alexander Flash Sequence Anthology (White Pine Press). She is also the author of three chapbooks: The Neighborhood Psycho Dreams of Love (Cutty Wren Press), Tender the Body (Spare Change Press), and All My Loves (forthcoming from All Nations Press). She lives in Ohio.

Photo credit: Dalvenjah


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