Story Prompts

Each issue, flash fiction master Meg Pokrass is providing a story prompt for writers who want to expand their storytelling ways, or who are just plain stuck.We’ll include all of Meg’s prompts here, though, simply because she’s the prompt queen.

Please submit the stories you write to any of the prompts below.

Profession Impression Prompt

Spend ten minutes researching an unusual profession (such as chick sexing) which you know nothing about. Write a 100-word story which incorporates your research. Make it as crazy as you like! Use your impressions more than facts…

Creating a story from random words

Write fast for half an hour, somehow incorporating the following words: flashlight, snag, dead, milk, ham, sneaker, inch, shh!, dip

Cut away, edit, and try to incorporate the original language. Make it small, unveiling the kernel of the story.


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