Summer of Phear

Nate straps on his leg to chase the killer through the streets of Philadelphia. Rosalyn is the fiery-haired publisher trying to save the paper. No one is safe. With blood spurting from his neck, a reporter dies on live TV at the MLB all-star game. A cop dies in her squad car with sirens blaring. Rosalyn is kidnapped. Nate tracks them to the Wissahickon cliffs. The killer holds the claw to Rosalyn’s neck. Nate shoots. The killer staggers and drags Rosalind over the edge. Nate rushes forward. Rosalyn clutches at branches, the killer’s broken body floats in the creek.


John R. Hoffman is an author, scientist, speaker, and runner. He is working on a novel-length version of Summer of Phear. Visit him at

Photo credit: Seth Anderson


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