Sweetie Pie

I started calling both my dog and husband Sweetie Pie the same year my husband found my lover’s cashmere sock. I’d stuffed it in my coat pocket after tugging at it nestled like a snake down my pants’ leg. But it escaped flaccidly onto our stone entryway. After my dogwalk up and around the hill, the city nestled below us, its rivers aquiver, I unhooked the leash. I said, “Oh, Sweetie Pie. I’ll always love you.” Then, as the dog skittered to his kibble, I saw my husband’s hand and the fine knit. I said, “Oh, Sweetie Pie.”


Sherrie Flick is author of the novel Reconsidering Happiness and the short (short) story collection Whiskey, Etc. Autumn House Press will publish her next collection in fall of 2018.

For more, read our interview with Sherrie Flick.

Photo Credit: Astrid Westvang

3 Responses to “Sweetie Pie”

  1. Sue Katz says:

    Poignant and full. What a fine 100-word story, Sherrie!

  2. This story has a lot of meaning to it and i reall like it.

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